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LCD & Digitizer Touch Screen Assembly With Frame Replacement for Nokia Lumia 1520 - Black
Ogodeal.com has everything you need to repair your Nokia Lumia 1520 mobile phone.If your phone has image display issues, an unresponsive touch screen or physical cracks or scratches on the glass, this Assembly With Frame part might the one you need.
Perfect for replacing your old, damaged or non-working LCD screen and digitizer Assembly With Frame for Nokia Lumia 1520, it is with frame already, you can make your repair much more easier by using this part.
Professional Nokia Lumia 1520 Parts wholsale factory supplier, ogodeal.com supply full range of Nokia Lumia 1520 Smartphone replacement parts with highest quality and resonable price.
Ogodeal.com not only supply cellphone repair parts, but also supply professional repair tools which you can make your repair expert work more faster, at the same time we offer amazing accessories like cases,tempered glass screen protectors which you can hang on your repair shop.Just purchase at ogodeal One-stop shopping station, Save more energy, Save more time and Save more Money.Lots of repair shop choose us.It's time to buy from factory directly.Ogodeal Get Better Deal Here.
This Assembly With Frame includes the following Part:
1.LCD Screen,
2. Digitizer Touch Screen.
3. Front Frame Color: Black
This parts is compatible with Below Model.
All Nokia Lumia 1520

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